Kathryn Broland

Kathryn, seen here in her studio, making final touches
on Rhapsody, that just received an Honorable Mention distinction in the Newburyport Regional Show,
May, 2014. Look for the finished version under
Galleries-newest works.



Dear friends and art lovers,

Thanks for your interest in my painting.

I am now doing some smaller pieces that allow me to concentrate on art elements in more paintings. There is also excitement of finishing sooner in anticipation of moving on to the next engaging challenge. So, going along with the seasons, I’ve done some fall scenes and now some with snow are being started. Learning lessons all along!


Just so you know, I have had almost all of my paintings professionally scanned such that people can request an archival print on paper or canvas. I have not promoted this yet and need to come up with prices, but these for sale will be at a much lower price than the original and of exceptional quality. More on this in a few weeks.


Thanks for all your support!! Blessings to you all!