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Now that I am more or less retired and again pursuing my growth as a fine artist, I've started setting goals and challenges for myself. For all of my adult years, I have been drawn to painting water. I can't seem to get enough of it. I'm drawn to its many types of reflections, such variations of the surface of water movement, it's transparency and many colors. (Strange, now that I think of it, I'm not very comfortable IN the water… if it involves swimming!) A difference in my newer work, is that instead of the water being in landscapes, it is now the full subject. I'm concentrating more on studying the water close up. I'm surprised that I can't seem to find words in the dictionary that are used for some of the many ramifications that happen on the surface. I think maybe I'm going to have to think them up!!

Right now, I'm exploring colors in tide pools and the way the water's surface "plays" with those colors.

Tidal Pool Photo
One of my old photos of a colorful tide pool.
It's one of my choices for a painting in the near future.


A rocky shore community has four tide pool zones based on local tides. The spray zone is covered by water only during storms. The high tide zone is mostly dry, covered only by the highest high tides. The middle tide zone is covered by all high tides and dry during all low tides. The low tide zone, covered during the low tides. Accordingly, there is much diverse sea life in these various zones.

Mollusks, barnacles, and herbivorous sea gastropods are abundant. Sponges, urchins, and anemones are very common. Firmly or permanently attached animals are often rich and colorful. It is all this color and various textures that draws me to these tide pools.