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All works framed unless otherwise noted.
Frames have been personally chosen to enhance each individual painting,
as most have been entered into juried art shows.


SUNLIT SHALLOWS Acrylic on cradled board with finished edges, 20" x 20" SOLD

Many artistic abilities were really put to a test here. First colors of rocks just below the
surface with lacy water play patterns and little hints of turquoise, orange and yellow.
Then the "dessert" part...water twinkles! Hopefully you'll enjoy these
discoveries as much as I did!

SURREAL SEA Acrylic, 18"x18", gallery wrapped canvas with finished edges. SOLD

This painting, based on one of my photos, had good color and movements,
but needed a compositional reworking. I got creative meshing parts to make a more unified,
if a bit unreal, presentation. Fun challenge!

NEW! TIDE POOL EMERGING Acrylic, 20.5"x26", $375.
I have lots of photos of the Maine coast and this painting is a simplified version of one of them.
It was the pool that is seen emerging and the foam whirling around the whole area that
attracted me. There was much learning and appreciating how this all happens and,
of course, in then executing it!

LILY POND MIRROR Acrylic, 26" x 32" $600.
I visited a beautiful nearby formal garden and found a lovely Japanese section
with a stepped water area. I was entranced by these lily pads with the sun behind
the reflected trees. Don't be misled by those trees which are
painted correctly, as the mirrored image projects upside down.
What a lovely memory!

WATER MUSIC #2, Acrylic, 14"x18" - $500.

Another goal of mine is to push the envelope in "finding" colors. So I have been trying to do more of that in my water paintings where brush strokes of many separate colors have evoked a feeling of playfulness. I can equate this look to music. I took 9 years of piano, so music is in my blood. In the future, I hope to find and portray movement in water which may relate to dance.

GOLDEN RIPPLES Acrylic, 19.5" x 23.5", $625
Visiting the town of Dexter, ME we found a park just right for eating our lunch.
Many old and interesting trees hung over the edge of a pond. There were many photo ops
especially as the golden sun created a colorful ambience through these trees. Fond memories.

I've painted this area many times from photos of where I used to live.
The sun was always glaring on the water creating many nuances.
Here it backlit the hanging leaves and illuminated those gentle ripples to
reveal the underground below. Just looking fills me with a wonderful warm glow.

It's a New Day!
SUNSET FALLS Acrylic, 24" x 24" $850.
This painting has gone through multiple transformations!
Now,(looking entirely different than how I started),
I'm pleased with it's exuberance of color and movement.

RHAPSODY Acrylic, 24" x 36", $1200.
This painting was too big to take to Florida to work on, so it kind of got put aside.
(It used to be called the Green Swirl on my home page) Now, having become freer with color
and the water's flowing motion, I've chosen its new name.

Going With the Flow
GOING WITH THE FLOW Acrylic, 16"x18", $650
While visiting Bar Harbor, ME. I saw this small waterway in a ravine next to our motel
and was intrigued by the complicated waterflow. Small wonders in unlikely places!

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Anniversary Tree
THE ANNIVERSARY TREE Acrylic, 12"x18", $275.
This wonderful tree was in a friend's yard and I always wanted to paint it.
Many celebrations took place under it. But, when the beautiful fall reds
reflected into the river I knew I'd better get to it!

MORNINGTIDE Acrylic, 16" x 20" - Not available at this time.

This painting grew from several tidal photos I have and with my playing with color.
The morning colors evolved, however, as I played with lighting on the rocks.
 Then the cool shadows followed.


Tidal Water Play
TIDAL WATER PLAY, Acrylic, 16" x 20" - $200.

This is a painting that has had many lives. I've just kept playing and experimenting with
colors and line shapes until this is the joyful result.

Green Tidal Lace

GREEN TIDAL LACE, Acrylic 16"x24" SOLD

Hard to choose from my millions of photos, but of course this one struck me because of the surface lacework reflections and the sparkles. Then the fact that the tide pool growth showed through the clear water, but made it very tricky to paint. Love the challenges, though.

Sun Ray

SUN RAY, Acrylic, 18"x32" - SOLD

The light shaft in my photograph is ,of course, what drew me to this scene to paint, but then I saw hints of colored dots in the water, which I had fun with and embraced them throughout. Then with adding the colorful bottom with tidal growth and rocks, the painting was complete, and now a favorite.

Tide Pool Tapestry

TIDE POOL TAPESTRY, Acrylic, 23"x24" - $1,600.

This painting was probably the biggest challenge I've ever undertaken. Merely the fact of all the details and colors was very time consuming. I was surprised at the excitement shown by those who've seen it. It is more impressive in person than here. And yes, it was painted from my photograph.

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Pawtuckaway Bridge

PERFECT DAY - PAWTUCKAWAY, Acrylic, 20" x 20" - SOLD

Several years ago I took a photo at this site in the state park near our home. I was impressed at the slight similarity to a Monet painting. The water lilies were there, but I added colors to the vegetation. I hope those familiar with this spot will enjoy the little bit of a reminder of art history in our own backyard.

Boys of Cape Porpoise

SUMMER FRIENDS, Acrylic, 12"x21" - $500.

Vacationing down the road in this quaint town in Maine, I was so drawn to this group of boys, because they showed such inquisitiveness, interesting poses and bright clothing, which with the beautiful color of the water, reflections and dinghies made it a painting I just had to do. This image was chosen to be included in the Artist’s of the Seacoast Calendar 2014 for the month of July.


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